Bountiful Vegetable Gardening

Are you interested in vegetable gardening? Then this is the place for you. With the high price for foods, take a little strain off the grocery budget by growing your own bountiful garden.

If this is your first attempt, we will give you a few tips so that you can be successful and live off the bounty. We will also share freezing, canning, drying and storage tips for your produce.

The first thing that you will want to do is to take time to decide what you want to plant. Next, you will need to decide the best place to have your garden and start preparing the soil for planting.

If this is your first time, go slow. You do not want to get overwhelmed. Plant a few of the things that you like. You can increase the amount that you plant next year. Or you can start with the basics and do more with them and then add more varieties next year. Both ways work well.

Plant your seeds and plants, fertilize or add compost, water regularly and keep weeded. Proper care will almost, always, insure a bountiful produce.

Come Back Often! Our garden guide information is always changing and always growing!

Bountiful Vegetable Gardening