Growing Delightful Herbs

There is just something about growing herbs. They have been used for seasoning, medicine, and fragrance, for thousands of years and they can be grown with minimal effort.

There is such a large assortment available today for the home garden. Some, like chives, tarragon, rosemary, and thyme are among the oldest of seasonings that are used with meat and poultry. Those, plus others, have beneficial uses, such as, for teas, potpourri, medicinal as well as for the kitchen. Pick and use them the same day when cooking for high quality and freshness or prepare them for future use by drying or freezing.

Many are perennials and will not need to be planted each year. They will need yearly care to make sure that they live and produce abundantly. Most, others are tender perennials or annuals and will need to be planted each year.

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Growing delightful herbs for the home garden.