Year Round Beauty With Perennial Flowers

Year round beauty with perennial flowers can be achieved by planning the garden with plants that bloom at different times of the year. Consider winter beauty and interest when making choices.

Check the growing times, needs and the height and width. You should choose the right spot for each one. Design the garden with the taller plants in the back, medium next and use the shorter ones to the front and sides.

A continual blooming bed is achieved by selecting plants that bloom at different times. This will keep the bed interesting because of the change. The leaves are seen for a longer period of time when they are not blooming, so it is important to consider the colors, shapes and sizes.

Perennial flowers are very rewarding because they come back year after year. They are more beautiful and bountiful if they have good care. The bonus is that they usually multiply or grow to a size that needs to be divided down the road and that will give you more plants for greater use.

Perennial Flowers for Year Round Interest