Create A Beautiful Garden Design

Creating a beautiful garden design is simple with a little planning and research. There are a few basic things that you need to know. You will need to know the soil type, direction it faces, sun or shade and what you want to plant here.

First you will need to take a soil test. It is important to know the soil type because that will tell you the kind of plants that will grow there. If it is acidic or alkaline and you want to grow something that doesn’t grow well in this soil type, then you will need to amend the soil.

It helps to know the direction that it faces, whether it is north, south, east or west. How much wind, shade or sun does the garden get? What type of plants will grow in this bed?

What are your design plans for this area? Will it be a landscape bed, flower garden, vegetable, herb or specialty garden?

After you have done a little research and can answer the basic questions, you will be ready to choose the types of plants that you intend for this spot, so that the ground can be prepared properly and the right plants will be chosen to grow there.

You will be pleased with the results of your garden design because you have chosen to start with a good bed foundation. Now you are ready to layout the plants, bones, and hardscapes for your garden. Check out our individual home-garden-guides for help with your specific design questions.

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