Organic Gardening For A Beautiful, Bountiful And Healthy Home Garden

Organic gardening is an old way of gardening for the most beautiful, bountiful and healthy gardens. It has been in from the beginning of time. Today, many gardeners use insecticides and herbicides but using natural practices are safer.

Some of the best practices include mulching with grass, leaves and compost to kill out the weeds. Weeding with the roto tiller and hoe takes some labor. My favorite is the weed torch. The torch burns the weeds or grass. It works better when the plants are small.

Composting is probably the most organic friendly way to garden. Preparing and using a good compost adds vital nutrients to the soil while killing out the weeds.

Landscaping fabrics and newspaper are good to use for keeping out weeds if they are mulched over good. I prefer the newspaper because it will break down in time. After a time, weeds will not be as prevalent if they are kept out.

There are natural products that can be purchased for spraying plants and trees. You can hand pick bugs off your plants, but if the infestation is large, you will need to purchase or make your own natural spray.

Keep the garden clean by pruning and cutting off dead or diseased leaves and branches of your plants, bushes or trees. Keeping the area clean and the plant healthy discourages diseases. That is the natural way to garden.

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